30 November 2013

skirt is gane

gane = skirt (noun) (some things Google found for "gane": a common term; an unusual last name; user names; Mokume-gane is a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns first made in Japan; an unusual to rare usually masculine first name; in Latvian gane means a shepherdess; forms of the Spanish verb ganar meaning to win, gain or earn; in Scots the past participle of gae which means go; name of places in Senegal, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and Sweden)

Word derivation for "skirt"
Basque = gona, Finnish = hame
Miresua = gane

In the final chapter of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice "jumped up in such a hurry that she tipped over the jury-box with the edge of her skirt, upsetting all the jurymen".

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