14 January 2014

fast is azano

azano = fast (adjective) (some things Google found for "azano": an uncommon term; Azano Pharmaceuticals of New Mexico; Salon Azano of New Jersey; Grupo Azano is a Mexican engineering and construction company; Azano Pty Ltd is an Australian weighing and packaging systems company; an unusual last name; name of a place in the Canary Islands of Spain; name of a place in Togo)

Word derivation for "fast (quick)"
Basque = azkar, Finnish = nopea
Miresua = azano

This is the adjective for fast, meaning capable of moving with great speed. Not fast meaning firmly or securely fixed in place, or meaning a deep or sound sleep.

I didn't find the word fast with this meaning in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, although I found three occurrences of the comparative adjective faster.

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