22 June 2014

eight is kahetzi (revisited)

kahetzi = eight (number) (adjective) (some things Google found for "kahetzi": a nearly unique term; may mean or in the past meant something in Estonian; in Estonian similar kahetsus means regret, remorse, repent; similar Kafetzi is a rare last name; similar Kahetz is a very rare last name)

Word derivation for "eight"
Basque = zortzi, Finnish = kahdeksan
Miresua = kahetzi

My previous Miresua conlang word for eight was kasetzi. This is a small change.

By the way, the Finnish word for two is kaksi, and the word for eight, kahdeksan, presumably meant something like "two before (ten)".

The word eight can't be found in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it occurs in Through the Looking-glass.
"She can't do Addition," the Red Queen interrupted. "Can you do Subtraction? Take nine from eight."

"Nine from eight I can't, you know," Alice replied very readily: "but--"

"She can't do Subtraction," said the White Queen.

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