02 February 2015

tree is puiz (revisited)

puiz = tree (noun) (some things Google found for "puiz": an uncommon term; an unusual last name; a rare first name; user names; a misspelling of quiz; means a well in Middle French; similar Puis is a place in the Philippines)

Word derivation for "tree" :
Basque = zuhaitz, Finnish = puu
Miresua = puiz

My previous Miresua conlang word for tree was pauzu. I'm redoing this word mainly for esthetic reasons. I like that this change makes the word for tree more like the word for wood, pur.

By the way, putz would have been a good alphabetic mix of the Basque and Finnish words, but I don't want to insult trees by calling a tree a putz.

The word tree (and also trees) appears quite a few times in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
...she was a little startled by seeing the Cheshire Cat sitting on a bough of a tree a few yards off.

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