26 May 2015

dog is kotxar (revisited)

kotxar = dog (animal) (noun) (Some things Google found for "kotxar": a rare term; user names; kotxar.ru was a former sports review website; bad OCR of old text documents; similar Kotzar is an unusual last name; in Basque similar kotxe means car, auto)

Word derivation for "dog":
Basque = txakur, Finnish = koira
Miresua = kotxar

My previous Miresua word for dog was txora, which I posted way back in 2008. I'm changing this word so that it no longer ends in -A, and also because the new word is, in my opinion, a slightly better mix. In Miresua, as in Basque, TX is pronounced like CH.

The word dog, plus dogs, occurs six times in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
"Are you--are you fond--of--of dogs?" The Mouse did not answer, so Alice went on eagerly: "There is such a nice little dog near our house I should like to show you! A little bright-eyed terrier..."

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