18 March 2008

east is iketä (revisited)

iketäiketä = east (noun) (some things Google found for "iketa": an uncommon to rare term; Iketa was a 2D fighting game for Commodore 64; a last name that can be Japanese; song title by Polygon Window also known as Aphex Twin; in Star Wars universe iketa stones are used for decoration on Geonosian military uniforms: an unusual feminine first name; Iketa is a Beauty Shop company in Lithuania; user names; a place in Japan)

Word derivation for "east" :
Basque = ekialde, Finnish = itä
Miresua = iketä

My previous Miresua conlang word for east was eldikä.  I've changed this word to start with the common letter "i", and to use the consonant from the Finnish word.  The Basque suffix "-alde" which means "area, nearness, around" seems to be an integral part of the Basque word for "east".

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