30 August 2015

stick is kalpi (revisited)

kalpi = stick (cane) (noun) (Some things Google found for "kalpi": an uncommon term; Hesh Kalpi Tone powder is a hair color treatment product; Kalpi Institute of Technology; Kalpi Collection is a clothing store in India; kalpi means servants in Latvian; a rare to unusual first name; a rare last name; name of a city in India; name of a municipality in Ambala, India)

Word derivation for "stick (cane)" :
Basque = makila, Finnish = keppi
Miresua = kalpi

My previous Miresua conlang word for stick was pelka, which was a bit of an alphabetic scramble. The new word doesn't end in -A.

The word stick appears a handful of times in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
...Alice dodged behind a great thistle, to keep herself from being run over; and the moment she appeared on the other side, the puppy made another rush at the stick, and tumbled head over heels in its hurry to get hold of it...

26 August 2015

sword is mekata (revisited)

mekata = sword (noun) (Some things Google found for "mekata": an uncommon term; a unusual last name; Yoriko Mekata is a Japanese TV announcer; Old Mekata Family's House of a Samurai family in Iwakuni, Japan; name of a couple anime characters; means weight in Japanese (Romanized); name of a place in Botswana)

Word derivation for "sword" :
Basque = ezpata, Finnish = miekka
Miresua = mekata

My previous Miresua conlang word for sword was mezaka. I think my new word better resembles the Basque and Finnish source words. The Basque word appears to be derived from the Spanish word for sword, espada.

This blog almost always keeps to a regular posting schedule. On the 22nd, four days ago, I skipped a post. I was on vacation and unfortunately didn't prepare a word in advance.

The word sword doesn't occur in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it occurs twice in Through the Looking-Glass. This quote is a stanza from the Jabberwocky poem.
He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought --
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood awhile in thought.

18 August 2015

fork is saruxka

saruxka = fork (noun) (Some things Google found for "saruxka": a rare term; user names; similar Sariska Tiger Reserve is an Indian national park and wildlife refuge in the state of Rajasthan)

Word derivation for "fork" :
Basque = sardexka, Finnish = haarukka
Miresua = saruxka

This is the word for fork, the pronged eating utensil. Note that the X is pronounced like SH, as in Basque.

The word fork occurs in a continuation of a poem which is found in later editions of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
The Panther took pie-crust, and gravy, and meat,
While the Owl had the dish as its share of the treat.
When the pie was all finished, the Owl, as a boon,
Was kindly permitted to pocket the spoon:
While the Panther received knife and fork with a growl,

14 August 2015

can is patki

patki = can (noun) (Some things Google found for "patki": an uncommon term; an unusual last name; Indian model and former beauty queen Amruta Patki; Indian music director and composer Ashok Patki; P G Patki Architects of Mumbai, India; similar patka means duck in Croatian; name of places in Pakistan and Poland)

Word derivation for "can" :
Basque = lata, Finnish = purkki
Miresua = patki

This is a new word. In the UK they might call a can a tin.

The word can occurs many times in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but not as a noun.

10 August 2015

rug is albato

albato = rug (noun) (Some things Google found for "albato": an unusual term; Invercote Albato is a product name of bleached board for packaging; Albato Healthy Life; a rare first name; a rare last name; user names; conjugations of the Latin verb albo to make white; similar Albate is the name of a place in northern Italy)

Word derivation for "rug" :
Basque = alfonbra, Finnish = matto
Miresua = albato

This is a new word. Surprisingly, there's an F in the Basque word, but Miresua doesn't not use F. Under my rules, I could of changed that F to a V, but I didn't.

The word rug doesn't really appear in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, although it appears four times in Through the Looking-Glass.
...as she settled comfortably down, with one elbow in the rug, and her chin in her hand, to watch the kittens.

06 August 2015

leg is sänki (revisited)

sänki = leg (noun) (Some things Google found for sanki and sänki: a very common term; Sanki Global is a health and wellness company; Sanki Sliding Center near Sochi, Russia; Sanki Engineering Co Ltd of Japan; Sanki Machine Tools of India; Sanki King is a Pakistani graffiti artist; Sanki Shoji Co Ltd is a fashion importer in Japan; Sanki is an unusual last name; Sanki is a rare first name; in Finnish sänki means stubble; in Polish sanki means sledge; in Turkish sanki means as if, as though; Sanki is the name of places in Pakistan, Poland, the Congo, and Russia)

Word derivation for "leg" (anatomy):
Basque = hanka, Finnish = sääri
Miresua = sänki

My previous Miresua conlang word for leg was särka. I'm changing this word not to end in -A. I'm going to disregard that sänki means stubble in Finnish.

Another Finnish word for leg is jalka, which also means foot, leg.

I found the word legs three times in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, although one of those times referred to table legs.
The chief difficulty Alice found at first was in managing her flamingo: she succeeded in getting its body tucked away, comfortably enough, under her arm, with its legs hanging down...

02 August 2015

barrel is tynel

tynel = barrel (noun) (Some things Google found for "tynel": an uncommon term; user names; a rare to unusual unisex first name; a rare last name; Joyería Tynel is jewelry store in Madrid, Spain; a street name in Keizer, Oregon; Tynel Make-up Artistry in Nowra, Australia)

Word derivation for "barrel" :
Basque = upel, Finnish = tynnyri
Miresua = tynel

This is a new Miresua word. Note that the y in tynel is pronounced as in Finnish, which is as the French u or German ü.

The word barrel doesn't occur in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it occurs once in Through the Looking-Glass.
"Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Agreed to have a battle;
For Tweedledum said Tweedledee
Had spoiled his nice new rattle.

Just then flew down a monstrous crow,
As black as a tar-barrel;..."