30 April 2010

bright is arkisu

arkisuarkisu = bright (adjective) (some things Google found for "arkisu": a rare term; user names; In Akkadian or Assyro-Babylonian "arkīšu" means "afterward"; In Assyrian "akisu" means "after him")

Word derivation for "bright" (bright, clear, luminous)
Basque = argitsu, Finnish = kirkas
Miresua = arkisu

In Basque -tsu is a suffix used to form adjectives.

26 April 2010

handsome is komant

komantkomant = handsome (adjective) (some things Google found for "komant": an uncommon to rare term; a last name, notably Miss Maine 1959 and TV actress Carolyn Komant and car art designer Murray Komant; user names)

Word derivation for "handsome":
Basque = galant, Finnish = komea
Miresua = komant

The Basque word may come from the French word galant, root of the English word gallant, but in Basque galant means good-looking.

22 April 2010

faith is deko

dekodeko = faith (noun) (some things Google found for "deko": a very common term; Avid Deko is a real-time graphic package for TV broadcasters; DEKO Tile is a company in California; Deko Lounge in New Jersey; a last name; Deko Boko Friends was an animated children's TV show; In the Star Wars Universe The Battle of Deko Neimoidia was fought during the Clone Wars; means "ten" in Esperanto; name of cities in Ethiopia, Mali, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, and Congo)

Word derivation for "faith (belief)":
Basque = fede, Finnish = usko
Miresua = deko

This Miresua word uses the letters at the ends of the Basque and the Finnish words. I didn't care to deal with the F from the Basque word. In Miresua I don't allow the letter F, although I can transliterate F to V. I decided to start the word with D, because I don't have many Miresua words that begin with D.

The Basque word appears to be derived from Latin. In Latin faith is fides.

18 April 2010

strong is vando

vandovando = strong (adjective) (some things Google found for "vando": an uncommon term; an unusual last name, notably poet Gloria Vando; user names; a first name; Vando Records was a short-lived (1970s?) R&B record label; means "wall" in Esperanto)

Word derivation for "strong (sturdy)":
Basque = sendo, Finnish = vahva
Miresua = vando

This Miresua word is an adjective. It means strong as in sturdy, as opposed to strong as in powerful. It's a nice coincidence that in Esperanto my word means wall, which is something sturdy.

14 April 2010

strength is idoma

idomaidoma = strength (noun) (some things Google found for "idoma": an uncommon term; The Idoma are an ethno-linguistic group of Nigeria; an unusual last name; a rare first name; name of a cities in Nigeria and The Congo)

Word derivation for "strength (force, power)":
Basque = indar, Finnish = voima
Miresua = idoma

This Miresua word is a noun, not an adjective. It's the root of the words for strong (powerful, potent) in Basque and Finnish.

10 April 2010

beautiful is kerdis

kerdiskerdis = beautiful (adjective) (some things Google found for "kerdis": an uncommon to rare term; Kerdis Auto is a French car dealer in Yvre-l'Eveque, France; Kerdis S.L. is a flooring company in Castellon de la Plana, Spain; an unusaul last name; user names; Kerdis Ltd is a UK computer systems and software company)

Word derivation for "beautiful":
Basque = eder, Finnish = kaunis
Miresua = kerdis

This is a new Miresua word. I had a word for pretty, but not one for beautiful.

06 April 2010

warm is ämel (revisited)

ämelämel = warm (adjective) (some things Google found for "amel"or "ämel": a very common term; Amel is a feminine first name; Amel is a last name; user names; Amel is a spirit in the novel Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice; Amel is the name of cities in Belgium and France)

Word derivation for "warm":
Basque = epel, Finnish = lämmin
Miresua = ämel

My previous Miresua conlang word for "warm" was "lemel". I didn't like that it took a L from each the Basque word and the Finnish word. I made the new word shorter. There are plenty of 5-letter words in Miresua, I can always use more 4-letter words.

The word graphic is slighty different, less shadowing. The logo package I usually use still isn't working for the letter A with an umlaut.

Update - replaced word graphic with one from logo package.

02 April 2010

pretty is seipo (revisited)

seiposeipo = pretty (adjective) (some things Google found for "seipo": an uncommon term; SEIPO is an acronym for Southeast Idaho Paranormal Organization; Seipo Corporation is a service company providing outsourcing to China; Seipo s.r.l. is an Italian office chair manufacturer; an unusual last name; user names)

Word derivation for "pretty" :
Basque = polit, Finnish = sievä
Miresua = seipo

My previous Miresua conlang word for "pretty" was "sovil", which was similar to my word for "sapphire" which is "sovari". Since the Finnish word has a vowel combination, I decided to use one in my Miresua word. Using the P and O from the Basque word makes this word different.