29 February 2012

Miresua language recognition

For leap-day,  here's something different.  A list of some attributes which would help to identify Miresua text.

distinct letters: ä and ö, but never ü
unused letters: Cc, Ff, Qq, Ww
unused consonant combinations: sh, th
unusual letter sequences: tx, tz, zt, ts, hk, rv
words beginning with d are rare
words beginning with r are uncommon
words never end in m
y is a vowel, never a consonant
common vowel combinations: ai, au, ei, oi
common consonant combinations: sk, lk, lt, rk, rd, st, nt, ld
words don't begin with two consonants, except for tx   
very low degree of letter duplication, only rr appears

26 February 2012

conversation is eskalkuretu

eskalkuretu = conversation (noun) (some things google found for "eskalkuretu": search did not match any documents; this word has eleven letters)

Word derivation for "conversation" :
Basque = elkarrizketa (interview, conversation)
Finnish = keskustelu (conversation, discussion, talk)
Miresua = eskalkuretu

I tried to pick apart the long Basque and Finnish words into components. The Basque the word elkar means "mutual, each other" and the suffix -keta denotes "action, act of". The Finnish the word keskus means "center, hub". But I ended up making a long word, with bits from each of the source words.

Here's the paragraph I was working on translating:
Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, 'and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice 'without pictures or conversation?'.

It's the first papragraph of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

22 February 2012

read is lukira

lukira = read (verb) (some things Google found for "lukira": an uncommon term; user names; a rare feminine first name; Lukira (aka Rukira) is the name of a place in Rwanda; name of a World of Warcraft character; a rare last name)

Word derivation for "read" :
Basque = irakurri, Finnish = lukea
Miresua = lukira

This is another verb from the paragraph.  I haven't quite defined how it's used, or what suffixes are used with it.  I think I need to study more about Basque verbs.

18 February 2012

but is bunta

bunta = but (conjunction) (some things Google found for "bunta": a common term; a Japanese masculine first name; Bunta Fujiwara is a character in manga Initial D; an uncommon last name; user names; means multicolored in Esperanto; means to bundle in Swedish; name of places in Indonesia and Romania)

Word derivation for "but (although)" :
Basque = baina, Finnish = mutta
Miresua = bunta

This is another word from the paragraph I'm working on. My Miresua word starts with a b, like the Basque word, and ends in ta, like the Finnish word.

14 February 2012

anything is mitzer, nothing is mitzer eiz

mitzermitzer = anything (pronoun) (some things Google found for "mitzer": an uncommon term; a uncommon last name; user names; Mitzer Ltd. is a woodturning business in West Yorkshire in the UK; similarly named Mizter antistatic straps for cars and trucks; a rare first name)

Word derivation for "anything" :
Basque = ezer (something, anything) or edozer (anything)
Finnish = mitään
Miresua = mitzer

Anything isn't the word in the paragragh I'm attempting to translate, but I need this word to construct the word I want. The word in the pargraph is nothing.

mitzer eizmitzer eiz = nothing (pronoun)

The opposite of, or negative of, anything is nothing. Both Basque and Finnish can agree on this. In Miresua the word eiz means no, not.

Word derivation for "nothing" :
Basque = ezer ez (anything + not)
Finnish = ei mitään (not + anything)
Miresua = mitzer eiz (anything + not)

10 February 2012

what is zemi

zemizemi = what (interrogative, pronoun) (some things Google found for "zemi": a very common term; Zemi or Cemi are small idols of various local deities once worshipped by the Caribbean Taino peoples; Zemi Restaurant for Asian Fusion food in NYC; Hen Zemi (or Hen Semi) (aka Abnormal Physiology Seminar) is a Japanese comedy manga and anime; in Japan a zemi is a seminar course of around ten university students for studying and researching a topic; abura zemi is the Japanese cicada; a rare last name; Zemi Beach is located on the Caribbean island of Anguilla)

Word derivation for "what" :
Basque = zer, Finnish = mikä or mitä
Miresua = zemi

What! I had no word for what? What can I say?

This word is from the paragraph that I'm working on. Saying that I'm translating this paragraph would be a bit of an overstatement. It's a bit of challenge.

06 February 2012

deep is savän

savänsavän = deep (adjective) (some things Google found for "savan" and "savän": a common term; a last name; SAVAN stands for Statewide Automated Victim Assistance and Notification in North Carolina; Savan is an unusual first name that can be masculine or feminine, notably songwriter and X Factor vocal producer Savan Kotecha; Savan Vegas Hotel & Casino in Laos; Savan Island is a small island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; savän means something in Bolognese; Savan is the name of places in Laos, Turkey and Pennsylvania)

Word derivation for "deep" :
Basque = sakon, Finnish = syvä
Miresua = savän

You know the paragprah I'm trying to translate? The word "deep" isn't in it. Instead of rushing to do another word, I'm posting this word from my backup reserve.

02 February 2012

without is ilbe

ilbeilbe = without (preposition) (some things Google found for "ilbe": a very common term; ILBE or Improved Load Bearing Equipment is US Marine corps pack gear; a rare last name; user names; similar Ailbe is a Celtic name)

Word derivation for "without" :
Basque = gabe, Finnish = ilman
Miresua = ilbe

Still working on creating words in Miresua from the first paragraph of a well known book. I still can't come close to translating the paragraph. But hey, I'm closer.