18 February 2012

but is bunta

bunta = but (conjunction) (some things Google found for "bunta": a common term; a Japanese masculine first name; Bunta Fujiwara is a character in manga Initial D; an uncommon last name; user names; means multicolored in Esperanto; means to bundle in Swedish; name of places in Indonesia and Romania)

Word derivation for "but (although)" :
Basque = baina, Finnish = mutta
Miresua = bunta

This is another word from the paragraph I'm working on. My Miresua word starts with a b, like the Basque word, and ends in ta, like the Finnish word.


de cuup said...

My first conjecture was wrong, then. I now think your translation will feature an anuki - am I right?
(If I am, I need to remind you of something you once wrote: "There will be no words for the colors orange and pink in Miresua." What color will the anuki's eyes be?)

Mariska said...

I believe that you correctly guessed the book! There'll indeed be an anuki, but that's in
the second paragraph. On the 26th, I'll reveal to everyone the first paragraph which I was trying to translate, and the well-known book it's from.

I may rethink my earlier decision about pink. After all, I do make revisions. I dont have to use the lengthy Finnish word vaaleanpunainen (literally light-red) for pink.