30 March 2016

white is zulko (revisited)

zulko = white (color) (adjective) (Some things Google found for "zulko": an unusual term; user names; a rare last name that can be Polish or Slovak; gaming character names; similar Olympus camera Zuiko lenses; similar Zulkovo is another name for the village of Slavyani in Bulgaria)

Word derivation for "white" :
Basque = zuri, Finnish = valkoinen (valko)
Miresua = zulko

My previous Miresua conlang word for white was zulki. This is a small change. I'm changing the final vowel to the more unusual -O. This is to make the word stand out more. When forming the word, I dropped the adjective forming suffix -INEN from the Finnish source word.

Of course, the word white appears many times in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
"...when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her."

22 March 2016

orange (color) is aransi (revisited)

aransi = orange (color) (adjective) (Some things Google found for "aransi": an unusual term; ARANSI is a French company offering training services for business managers; a rare last name; a rare first name that can be Nigerian; Aransi Importaciones S.a.s. is an automotive parts importer in Colombia; similar arancia means orange (fruit) in Italian; similar Arans is the name of a village in Andorra; similar Aransa is a Catalan ski resort; similar Aranshi is the name of a place in Kazakhstan)

Word derivation for "orange (color)" :
Basque = laranja, Finnish = oranssi
Miresua = aransi

My previous word for orange (color) was laransi. I dropped the initial L mainly for aesthetic reasons. This change makes the word for the color orange look even less like the word for orange, the fruit, which is laperni.

The word orange (color) doesn't appear in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking-glass. Although ORANGE MARMALADE is mentioned once in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

10 March 2016

alphabet is alkobet

alkobet = alphabet (noun) (Some things Google found for "alkobet": a rare to unusual term; a very rare last name; user names; Alkobet Beata Sztyller seems to be a small liquor store in Lodz, Poland; similar Alkobar Grill is a fast food restaurant in Indio, California; similar Al Khobar is a place in Saudi Arabia)

Word derivation for "alphabet":
Basque = alfabeto, Finnish = aakkoset
Miresua = alkobet

This is another new word.

The word alphabet doesn't occur in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it occurs once in Through the Looking-glass.
A Goat, that was sitting next to the gentleman in white, shut his eyes and said in a loud voice, "She ought to know her way to the ticket-office, even if she doesn't know her alphabet!"

02 March 2016

office is toligo

toligo = office (noun) (building or room) (Some things Google found for "toligo": a rare term; apparently an unusual abbreviated adjective used only in some Spanish regions for "tonto del higo" which means something like silly in Spanish; a Polish website which says it's for to submit, receive and track files; user names; a very rare last name; Toligo Electronics Ltd of St. Lucia)

Word derivation for "office" (building or room):
Basque = bulego, Finnish = toimisto
Miresua = toligo

This is a brand new word, not another revision.

The word office doesn't occur in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it does occur twice in Through the Looking-glass.
"Now then! Show your ticket, child!" the Guard went on, looking angrily at Alice. And a great many voices all said together ("like the chorus of a song," thought Alice), "Don't keep him waiting, child! Why, his time is worth a thousand pounds a minute!"

"I'm afraid I haven't got one," Alice said in a frightened tone: "there wasn't a ticket-office where I came from."