22 March 2016

orange (color) is aransi (revisited)

aransi = orange (color) (adjective) (Some things Google found for "aransi": an unusual term; ARANSI is a French company offering training services for business managers; a rare last name; a rare first name that can be Nigerian; Aransi Importaciones S.a.s. is an automotive parts importer in Colombia; similar arancia means orange (fruit) in Italian; similar Arans is the name of a village in Andorra; similar Aransa is a Catalan ski resort; similar Aranshi is the name of a place in Kazakhstan)

Word derivation for "orange (color)" :
Basque = laranja, Finnish = oranssi
Miresua = aransi

My previous word for orange (color) was laransi. I dropped the initial L mainly for aesthetic reasons. This change makes the word for the color orange look even less like the word for orange, the fruit, which is laperni.

The word orange (color) doesn't appear in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking-glass. Although ORANGE MARMALADE is mentioned once in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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