10 March 2016

alphabet is alkobet

alkobet = alphabet (noun) (Some things Google found for "alkobet": a rare to unusual term; a very rare last name; user names; Alkobet Beata Sztyller seems to be a small liquor store in Lodz, Poland; similar Alkobar Grill is a fast food restaurant in Indio, California; similar Al Khobar is a place in Saudi Arabia)

Word derivation for "alphabet":
Basque = alfabeto, Finnish = aakkoset
Miresua = alkobet

This is another new word.

The word alphabet doesn't occur in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it occurs once in Through the Looking-glass.
A Goat, that was sitting next to the gentleman in white, shut his eyes and said in a loud voice, "She ought to know her way to the ticket-office, even if she doesn't know her alphabet!"

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