30 July 2010

urine is txirva

txirvatxirva = urine (noun) (some things Google found for "txivra": a very rare term; appears as bad OCR of other words in old scanned books and documents; possibly a word on an Asian forum)

Word derivation for "urine" :
Basque = txiza (urine, pee), Finnish = virtsa
Miresua = txirva

Hey, it's a liquid and a common one too. There are two other words for urine in Basque - pixa (or pix) which may be more common, and gernu which apparently is the proper medical term for urine. I used txiza because it was the more ususual word. I wanted to create a word with minimal usage around the world. I'd rather not define someone's name or their town's name as urine.

26 July 2010

glue is loila

loilaloila = glue (noun) (some things Google found for "loila": an uncommon term; a feminine first name; name of a restaurant in San Francisco; Loila's Garden in Sioux Falls; an unusual last name; name of cities in Guinea and Finland)

Word derivation for "glue" :
Basque = kola (cola in Spanish),
Finnish = liima
Miresua = loila

Glue is a liquid, before it dries.

22 July 2010

ink is tusta

tusta = ink (noun) (some things Google found for "tusta": an uncommon term; a rare masculine first name; a rare last name; user names; name of the vocalist of Croatian punk-rock band KUD Idijoti; tusta means satisfied, pleased in Sanskrit; Tusta Med is the name of a city in Bosnia & Herzegovina; Tusta Creek in Juneau County in Alaska)

Word derivation for "ink" :
Basque = tinta (same as Spanish),
Finnish = muste (in Finnish musta is black)
Miresua = tusta

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for ink is now tiste.

18 July 2010

oil is öljo

öljoöljo = oil (noun) (some things Google found for "oljo": an uncommon term; oljo.de is a German top music charts website; oljo photography of Sweden; user names; an unusual last name that can be Estonian; oljo means oil in Inari Sami which is a language of Lapland)

Word derivation for "oil" :
Basque = olio, Finnish = öljy
Miresua = öljo

This word is the first word I have starting with Ö (o umlaut).

14 July 2010

cream is eserma

eserma = cream (noun) (some things Google found for "eserma": an uncommon to rare term; Automóviles Eserma S.A. is a Opel dealer in northeast Spain; name of a heavy equipment services company in Chile)

Word derivation for "cream" :
Basque = esnegain (milk + top), Finnish = kerma
Miresua = eserma

I decided to start the word for cream like the Basque word because I started the word for milk with letters from the Finnish word.

This Miresua word has been changed. The word for cream is now ermain.

10 July 2010

beer is olugar

olugarolugar = beer (noun) (some things Google found for "olugar": an uncommon to rare term; a rare last name; user names; in Portuguese "o lugar" means "the place"; Braseria O'Lugar is a restaurant in Spain)

Word derivation for "beer" :
Basque = garagardo, Finnish = olut
Miresua = olugar

This is a another new word. My current word theme is liquids.

06 July 2010

honey is etaja

etajaetaja = honey (noun) (some things Google found for "etaja": an uncommon term; Sarce na dva etaja is a song by Bulgarian Djina Stoeva; etaja.es (eTaja) is a Spanish website; user names; a rare last name; probably means something in Bulgarian but I'm not sure what due to transliteration and the Cyrillic alphabet)

Word derivation for "honey" :
Basque = ezti, Finnish = hunaja
Miresua = etaja

This is a new word. I considered making this word ezaja, but in Basque ez- is a prefix indicating negation or exclusion, like non- or un- in English.

02 July 2010

milk is mone (revisited)

monemone = milk (noun) (some things Google found for "mone": an uncommon term; a last name, notably founder of Ultimo brand lingerie Michelle Mone; In French Mone de Campbell is a species of monkeys; in Middle English mone means a moan or moon; name of cities in Indonesia, Togo, Guinea-Bissau, Burkina Faso, South Korea and Mozambique)

Word derivation for "milk" :
Basque = esne, Finnish = maito
Miresua = mone

My previous Miresua word for milk was omse, which was a rather odd word.

By the way, my word for milk in Lhaesine, my not based on any particular language conlang, is sihe.