30 December 2010

festival is jala

jalajala = festival (noun) (some things Google found for "jala": a very common term; an uncommon last name; JALA is an acronym for Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation; Jala Bars all natural probiotic frozen yogurt bars; Beit Jala (means "grass carpet" in Aramaic) is an Arab Christian town in the West Bank; Jala Neti nasal irrigation; JALA International does telework and telecommuting; Roti Jala (net bread) is a Malaysian dish; means "on foot" in Estonian; means "net" in Malay; in Spanish conjugations of the verb "to pull"; the name of cities in India, Nigeria, Mexico, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sierra Leone)

Word derivation for "festival" (celebration) :
Basque = jai, Finnish = juhla
Miresua = jala

I made this word word similar to the English word "gala".

26 December 2010

box is katxo

katxokatxo = box (noun) (some things Google found for "katxo": an uncommon to rare term; user names; a rare last name or first name that may be Basque; a Basque term for a fish which is probably the Iberian chub)

Word derivation for "box" :
Basque = kaxa (or kutxa), Finnish = laatikko
Miresua = katxo

Today in the UK and Canada is Boxing Day.

22 December 2010

angel is engelu

engeluengelu = angel (noun) (some things Google found for "engelu": an uncommon term; similar word "eņģeļu" means "angels" in Latvian; an unusual feminine first name; user names; engelu-radio is a Latvian internet radio program "Conversations with the Angels"; Engelu dziesma is a musical track by Cantus)

Word derivation for "angel" :
Basque = aingeru, Finnish = enkeli
Miresua = engelu

I decided to make this Miresua word similar to English. I considered using the K from the Finnish word instead of the G, and the R from the Basque word instead of the L, but I thought the resulting word, "enkeru", was too cryptic.

18 December 2010

stocking is sulkadi

sulkadisulkadi = stocking (noun) (some things Google found for "sulkadi": a rare term; a rare last name that can be Indonesian; may mean something in an Indian language because it appears in several transliterated texts that seem to be related to Hinduism)

Word derivation for "stocking" :
Basque = galtzerdi (stockings), Finnish = sukka (sock)
Miresua = sulkadi

14 December 2010

doll is panke

panke = doll (noun) (some things Google found for "panke": an uncommon term; a last name, notably Helmut G.W. Panke a member of the board of directors at Microsoft; name of a small river in Brandenburg and Berlin, Germany; name of cities in China, Albania and Japan)

Word derivation for "doll" :
Basque = panpina, Finnish = nukke
Miresua = panke

10 December 2010

gift is lapra

lapralapra = gift (noun) (some things Google found for "lapra": an uncommon term; LAPRA is an acronym for The Los Angeles Police Relief Association; Lapra-Ty suture clips; uncommon last name; user names; means "page" in Hungarian; name of a city in France; Lapra-Kasy is the name of a city in Russia)

Word derivation for "gift" :
Basque = opari, Finnish = lahja
Miresua = lapra

06 December 2010

toy is joilu

joilujoilu = toy (noun) (some things Google found for "joilu": a rare term; Joilu's Beauty Depot in Hollywood, FL; Recreativos Joilu S. L. is a drugstore in Spain; user names; a rare feminine first name)

Word derivation for "toy" :
Basque = jostailu, Finnish = lelu
Miresua = joilu

02 December 2010

daughter is tabar (revisited)

tabartabar = daughter (noun) (some things Google found for "tabar": an uncommon term; a last name; a battle axe popular in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Iran; INS Tabar is a frigate of the Indian Navy; the Tabar Islands (aka Tabar Group) in Papua New Guinea; means "tribe" in Pashto, a Pastun tribal organization; in French an alternate spelling of "tabard" which is a cape or tunic worn by a knight; name of small cities in Afghanistan, Iran, and Spain; first part of the name of larger cities in Iran and a smaller city in Russia)

Word derivation for "daughter" :
Basque = alaba, Finnish = tytär
Miresua = tabar

My previous word for daughter was alytä. My new word is simpler. It also uses the B from the Basque word.