30 May 2010

spirit is esteni

esteniesteni = spirit (noun) (some things Google found for "esteni": an uncommon term; a rare feminine first name; a rare last name; user names; may mean "extended" in Catalan)

Word derivation for "spirit"
Basque = espiritu, Finnish = henki
Miresua = esteni

This is the word for spirit, but not for ghost. The Miresua word for ghost is meva.

26 May 2010

altar is altire

altirealtire = altar (noun) (some things Google found for "altire": an uncommon to rare term; an unusual last name; user names; name of a World of Warcraft character)

Word derivation for "altar"
Basque = aldare, Finnish = alttari
Miresua = altire

22 May 2010

heaven is taizu

taizutaizu = heaven (noun) (some things Google found for "taizu": an uncommon term; an imperial temple name typically used for the emperor founding a Chinese dynasty; user names; an unusual masculine first name)

Word derivation for "heaven"
Basque = zeru, Finnish = taivas
Miresua = taizu

The Basque and the Finnish words for heaven also translate as sky. So my word will also mean sky. This word replaces my previous Miresua word for "sky" which was "taze".

18 May 2010

sin is bynati

bynatibynati = sin (noun) (some things Google found for "bynati": an rare term; user names; may mean something in Turkish or to people in Turkey)

Word derivation for "sin"
Basque = bekatu, Finnish = synti
Miresua = bynati

My word definition should not be seen as a comment about anyone or anything called "bynati". I have nothing against any "bynati". This is merely a word in my conlang language.

14 May 2010

prayer is osturi

osturiosturi = prayer (noun) (some things Google found for "osturi"; a rare term; a tribe and a type of rug from Iran, from near a town named Ostur (also known as Estur); a rare last name; possibly a name in India; similar word "nosturi" means "crane" in Finnish)

Word derivation for "prayer"
Basque = otoitz, Finnish = rukous
Miresua = osturi

I usually chose to end my Miresua word in consonant when both the Basque and the Finnish words end in a consonant. This word is an exception to that unwritten rule. Perhaps I should have ended this word in Z or S, but I liked the look of this particular combination of letters.

10 May 2010

priest is apapi

apapiapapi = priest (noun) (some things Google found for "apapi": an uncommon term; APAPI is an acronym for Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator which are airport runway lights; user names; a rare last name; APAPI (or l'APAPI) is an acronym for L'Association Professionnelle des Aides Pédagogiques in Quebec; aPapi is A Paypal API written in PHP)

Word derivation for "priest"
Basque = apaiz, Finnish = pappi
Miresua = apapi

This word uses P twice, a letter which I don't use all that often.

06 May 2010

cross is ruiste

ruiste = cross (noun) (some things Google found for "ruiste": an uncommon to rare term; House on the Mountain Ruiste is a hostel in Bosnia Herzegovina; In Old French possibly means rustic; a word in The Song of Roland; In Portuguese ruitse is a conjugation of the verb ruir meaning to collapse; name of a city in Montenegro)

Word derivation for "cross"
Basque = gurutze, Finnish = risti
Miresua = ruiste

Since the Finnish word begins with the letter R, I took the opportunity to begin my Miresua word with R. In Basque, there are no words that start with R, although there are plenty of words staring with ar-, er-, ir-, or- and ur-.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for cross is now ruzti.

02 May 2010

holy is sytä

sytäsytä = holy (adjective) (some things Google found for syta or sytä: an uncommon term; Syta is an unusual last name; SYTA is an acronym for Student and Youth Travel Association; In Polish syta is a form of the adjective syty meaning satiated, full)

Word derivation for "holy"
Basque = santu, Finnish = pyhä
Miresua = sytä

The Basque word appears to be based on Latin. The word graphic looks a little different because I didn't use the graphic package that I usually use because of the problemsome ä (a umlaut).

Update - the graphic package works again. I replaced word graphic.