02 May 2010

holy is sytä

sytäsytä = holy (adjective) (some things Google found for syta or sytä: an uncommon term; Syta is an unusual last name; SYTA is an acronym for Student and Youth Travel Association; In Polish syta is a form of the adjective syty meaning satiated, full)

Word derivation for "holy"
Basque = santu, Finnish = pyhä
Miresua = sytä

The Basque word appears to be based on Latin. The word graphic looks a little different because I didn't use the graphic package that I usually use because of the problemsome ä (a umlaut).

Update - the graphic package works again. I replaced word graphic.


bunnycatch3r said...

beautiful language -what sort speaks it in your fictions?

Mariska said...

Thank you. My fantasy stories are set in out of the way land near the sea.