30 October 2012

sugar is zokre

zokre = sugar (noun) (some things Google found for "zokre": an uncommon term; name of a Mexican professional wrestler who is half of the Los Luchas tag team; user names; name of a couple of World of Warcraft characters; a rare first name)

Word derivation for "sugar":
Basque = azukre, Finnish = sokeri
Miresua = zokre

This is a word inspired by Halloween candy.

26 October 2012

free (gratis) is dolain

dolain = free (gratis) (adjective) (some things Google found for "dolain": an uncommon to rare term; an unusual last name; Cuirt An Dolain, Fairhill Court is a housing development in Galway, Claddagh, Ireland; user names; a rare first name; "Dolain, Finistere" is a painting (of Doelan in Brittany) by French Impressionist painter Henry (or Henri) Moret)

Word derivation for "free" (gratis, without charge):
Basque = dohako, Finnish = ilmainen
Miresua = dolain

I made this word start with D, which is unusual in Miresua. In Finnish only borrowed words start in D. It turned out to be unintentionally similar to the Basque word dohain (which is related to dohako), the noun for a spiritual, intangible gift.

22 October 2012

far is kaurun

kaurun = far (far away) (adverb) (some things Google found for "kaurun": a rare term; user names; Asuweda Kaurun ho is a Sinhala song title (which I was unable to translate to English); a rare last name; name of a village in Himachal Pradesh, India)

Word derivation for "far":
Basque = urrun, Finnish = kaukana
Miresua = kaurun

The adjective far will be a similar word, but with an additional suffix.

18 October 2012

near is hurelä

hurelä = near (adverb, preposition) (some things Google found for "hurela": a rare term; user names; a rare last name; Hurela Rental LLC of Florida; Cia. Hurela Goodyear Oxo S.A. of Mexico sells tires; name of a village in Rajasthan, India)

Word derivation for "near":
Basque = hurbil, Finnish = lähellä
Miresua = hurelä

The Finnish word lähellä is adessive case, which a locative case with the basic meaning of "on". I don't think Basque has adessive case.

Other words for near in Basque are gertu and ondoan.

14 October 2012

so (very) is hin

hin = so (adverb) (very, to a particular extent) (some things Google found for "hin": a very common term; HIN is an acronym for Hot Import Nights auto show; HIN is an acronym for Hull ID Numbers for boats; an uncommon last name; an uncommon first name that can be from Southeast Asia; an ancient Hebrew unit of liquid measurement; means there (away from this place) in German; means the (fem. sg.) in Icelandic; Hua Hin is a beach resort town in Thailand)

Word derivation for "so (very, to a particular extent)":
Basque = hain, Finnish = niin
Miresua = hin

I considered making this word nain, but in Finnish, depending on its usage, nain can be vulgar.

10 October 2012

so (therefore) is bejon

bejon = so (conjunction, adverb) (therefore, with the result that) (some things Google found for "bejon": an uncommon term; a rare first name; a rare last name; user names; Lady Bejon or Bejon St. James is a LGBT performer; name of a singing duo of identical brothers who auditioned for UK's X Factor; similarly named Bejong is a place in Indonesia)

Word derivation for "so (therefore, with the result that)":
Basque = beraz, Finnish = joten
Miresua = bejon

There are a number of Finnish words with somewhat similar meanings: niinpä, siis, siksi, jotta. With this word, I think I was trying to push Finnish into fitting my English meaning, and getting myself into a bit of a gray area.

06 October 2012

their is haiden

haiden = their (possessive pronoun) (some things Google found for "haiden": a common term; an unusual to uncommon last name; an unusual to uncommon masculine first name (perhaps a form of unisex name Hayden); Haiden Surf boys swimwear; the hall of worship of a Shinto shrine; a Gewürztraminer variety of white wine grape; in Finnish means genitive plural of shark; name of places in Germany and Austria)

Word derivation for "their":
Basque = haien, beraien
Finnish = heidan + -nsa or -nsä
Miresua = haiden

This ends pronouns for now. I still have it and its to do, but I want to think on those for a while.

02 October 2012

they is hai (revisited)

hai = they (pronoun – 3rd person plural) (some things Google found for "hai": a very common term; HAI is an acronym for Healthcare-Associated infections; HAI stands for Home Automation, Inc.; HAI is an acronym for Helicopter Association International; HAI is an acronym for Human Awareness Institute; HAI hair styling tools; an uncommon first name; an unusual last name; means sea in Chinese (transliterated); means shark in Finnish and Estonian; means yes, okay in Japanese; means two in Vietnamese; name of a district in Tanzania)

Word derivation for "they" :
Basque = haiek, Finnish = he
Miresua = hai

My previous Miresua word for they was heik. This is another revision.