14 October 2012

so (very) is hin

hin = so (adverb) (very, to a particular extent) (some things Google found for "hin": a very common term; HIN is an acronym for Hot Import Nights auto show; HIN is an acronym for Hull ID Numbers for boats; an uncommon last name; an uncommon first name that can be from Southeast Asia; an ancient Hebrew unit of liquid measurement; means there (away from this place) in German; means the (fem. sg.) in Icelandic; Hua Hin is a beach resort town in Thailand)

Word derivation for "so (very, to a particular extent)":
Basque = hain, Finnish = niin
Miresua = hin

I considered making this word nain, but in Finnish, depending on its usage, nain can be vulgar.

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