10 October 2012

so (therefore) is bejon

bejon = so (conjunction, adverb) (therefore, with the result that) (some things Google found for "bejon": an uncommon term; a rare first name; a rare last name; user names; Lady Bejon or Bejon St. James is a LGBT performer; name of a singing duo of identical brothers who auditioned for UK's X Factor; similarly named Bejong is a place in Indonesia)

Word derivation for "so (therefore, with the result that)":
Basque = beraz, Finnish = joten
Miresua = bejon

There are a number of Finnish words with somewhat similar meanings: niinpä, siis, siksi, jotta. With this word, I think I was trying to push Finnish into fitting my English meaning, and getting myself into a bit of a gray area.

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