30 August 2012

team is toulke

toulke = team (noun) (some things Google found for "toulke": a rare term; a rare last name; user names; somewhat similar to Toulkerrie which is the name of a place in Queensland, Australia)

Word derivation for "team" :
Basque = talde, Finnish = joukkue
Miresua = toulke

I've decided to use the OU vowel combination. That puts a little more from Finnish into the Miresua conlang.

26 August 2012

honor is kunore

kunore = honor (noun) (some things Google found for "kunore": an uncommon term; a rare last name; user names; name of places in Albania and northern India)

Word derivation for "honor" :
Basque = ohore, Finnish = kunnia
Miresua = kunore

This Miresua word has some similarity to the English word honor (UK honour).

22 August 2012

country is marre

marre = country (noun) some things Google found for "marre": a very common term; an uncommon last name; a rare first name; J'en ai marre! (I'm fed up!) is a French pop song by recording artist Alizée; Marre is a female Colombian pop singer/songwriter; The Villa Marre is a historic home built in 1881 in Little Rock, Arkansas; Y'en A Marre (Enough is Enough) are rappers who founded a political movement in Senegal; in French marre means a type of hoe (gardening tool); in colloquial French marre means enough; the name of places in France and Somalia)

Word derivation for "country" :
Basque = herrialde, Finnish = maa
Miresua = marre

The Basque and Finnish words have slightly different senses of meaning. In Basque, the suffix -alde means region, area. While the Basque word herri means "nation, people; country, land; public, folk; town." The Finnish word maa means "earth, ground, country, land, soil."

By the way, in Miresua, "the country" will be marrea.

18 August 2012

torch is suizu

suizu = torch (noun) (some things Google found for "suizu"; an uncommon term; an unusual last name, notably 2007 Japan Junior Champion female figure skater Rumi Suizu; name of places in Japan)

Word derivation for "torch (stick with fire at one end)" :
Basque = zuzi, Finnish = soihtu
Miresua = suizu

14 August 2012

medal is midola

midola = medal (noun) (some things Google found for "midola"; an uncommon term; a rare last name; Midola Music of Romania sells CDs and DVDs online; Midola Business Solutions of Bangalore, India; user names; a rare first name that can be feminine)

Word derivation for "medal" :
Basque = domina, Finnish = mitali
Miresua = midola

This Miresua word looks similar to the English word medal.

10 August 2012

flag is lipera

lipera = flag (noun) (some things Google found for "lipera"; an uncommon term; Lipera or LiPera is an unusual last name that can be Italian; Lipera Web Design of New York state; Lipera s.r.o. of Czech Republic sells products for processing wines and other drinks; similarly named Liperi is the name of a place in Finland)

Word derivation for "flag" :
Basque = bandera, Finnish = lippu
Miresua = lipera

The Basque word for flag is the same as flag in Spanish.

06 August 2012

prize is salito

salito = prize (noun) (some things Google found for "salito"; a very common term; an unusual last name; Salito's Crab House in Sausalito, California; Salito Gourmet Specialty Pizza in Ottawa, Canada; conjugations of the Italian verb meaning "to go up, climb, rise"; similarly named Salitos Tequila beer)

Word derivation for "prize" :
Basque = sari, Finnish = palkinto
Miresua = salito

This word takes more letters from the Finnish word, but that's OK because the Finnish word is twice as long, and all but one of the letters from the Basque word are used.

02 August 2012

game is jope

jope = game (noun) (some things Google found for "jope"; a very common term; an unusual last name, notably German World War II Luftwaffe bomber pilot Bernhard Jope; a rare masculine first name or nickname, notably Finnish actor, musician and comedian Jope Ruonansuu; The Jope Cup is awarded for men's college rowing; JOPE is an acronym for Journal of Political Economy; user names; name of a place in Latvia)

Word derivation for "game" :
Basque = joko, Finnish = peli
Miresua = jope

I considered making this word jopi, but jopi means job in (colloquial) Finnish.

Back to making new words. My update frequency will go back to normal, instead of double speed.