22 August 2012

country is marre

marre = country (noun) some things Google found for "marre": a very common term; an uncommon last name; a rare first name; J'en ai marre! (I'm fed up!) is a French pop song by recording artist Alizée; Marre is a female Colombian pop singer/songwriter; The Villa Marre is a historic home built in 1881 in Little Rock, Arkansas; Y'en A Marre (Enough is Enough) are rappers who founded a political movement in Senegal; in French marre means a type of hoe (gardening tool); in colloquial French marre means enough; the name of places in France and Somalia)

Word derivation for "country" :
Basque = herrialde, Finnish = maa
Miresua = marre

The Basque and Finnish words have slightly different senses of meaning. In Basque, the suffix -alde means region, area. While the Basque word herri means "nation, people; country, land; public, folk; town." The Finnish word maa means "earth, ground, country, land, soil."

By the way, in Miresua, "the country" will be marrea.

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