24 February 2007

shadow is iljar

iljar = shadow (noun) (some things Google found for "iljar": an uncommon term; a word in Norse-Icelandic skaldic poetry; perhaps a proper name in Estonian; user name; a form of word meaning "sole of the foot" in Icelandic; a first name which is likely masculine and possibly German in origin; a place in Albania which is also called Iljare)

Word derivation for "shadow" :
Basque = itzal, Finnish = varjo
Miresua = iljar

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for shadow is now irjal.

18 February 2007

square is nölai

squarenölai = square (noun) (some things Google found for "nölai" or "nolai": a rare term; Nolai is a last name that can be Hungarian or Indian; there's a Sarangpur Nolai Rd somewhere in India; pseudo-language called NOLAI is used by universities to introduce programming; nolai means squirrel in Pashto which is an Indo-Iranian language spoken in Pakistan and Afghanistan)

Word derivation for "square" :
Basque = lauki, Finnish = neliö
Miresua = nölai

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for square is now nelki.

14 February 2007

yes is käbi

käbikäbi = yes (adverb) (assent or agreement or affirmation) (some things Google found for "käbi" and "kabi": a common term; Käbi is a feminine name, notably Estonian concert pianist Käbi Laretei; a last name, also probably Estonian; Käbi Külalistemaja guest house in Estonia; Fresenius Kabi AG is a German company with therapy for critically and chronically ill patients; KABI is a code for Abilene Texas Regional Airport; Kabi Golf Course in Queensland Australia; Kabi Plastics of the UK; "Goizeko Kabi" is the name of a pair of Basque restaurants in Spain; Kabi are an aboriginal people of Australia; Novell kABI Notification Service for Linux kernel changes; "käbi" means "cone" in Estonian; "kabi" means "hoof" in Estonian and means "badly" in Zulu; "Kabi" is the name of places in Gabon, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Republic of the Congo, Niger, Ethiopia, Turkey, and Estonia)

Word derivation for "yes" :
Basque = bai, Finnish = kyllä
Miresua = käbi

10 February 2007

no is eiz

eizeiz = no (adverb) (refusal or denial or disagreement) (some things Google found for "eiz": a common term; EIZ stands for Engineering Institution of Zambia; EIZ stands for Europäisches Informations-Zentrum (European information center) of Germany; EIZ is Expertisecentrum Informele Zorg (Service Centre informal care) of the Netherlands; EIZ stands for Europa Institut an der Universität Zürich of Switzerland; Eiz Gallery in New Hampshire; user name; EIZ stands for Ekonomski institut Zagreb of Croatia; EIZ is Environmental Improvement Zones in Canada; German hip-hop artist Eizi Eiz; EIZ is Energy Innovation Zone in the UK; Eiz Consultants, corporate and business image, of Canada; a last name from Egypt; an area in Germany)

Word derivation for "no" :
Basque = ez, Finnish = ei
Miresua = eiz

06 February 2007

flower is loku

flowerloku = flower (noun) (some things Google found for "loku": an uncommon term; title of an online collection of really bad haiku; user names; "Eya Dan Loku Lamayek" is a 1975 movie from Sri Lanka; "Ka Ua Loku" is a Hawaiian song title; a last and first name from Sri Lanka; means "tall" in Sinhala (transliterated); "Loku and the Shark Attack" is a young adult book about a boy living in Papua New Guinea; a place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Word derivation for "flower" :
Basque = lore, Finnish = kukka
Miresua = loku

02 February 2007

table is paimä

paimä = table (noun) (furniture) (some things Google found for "paimä" or "paima": an uncommon term; PAIMA stands for Pan American Movers Association of Panama; Behr Paima is a hydrographic-cum-oceanographic survey and Research vessel of Pakistan; a last name that can be Finnish and Peruvian; Paima Shan Peaks of Western China; PAIMA stands for Pakistan-Afghanistan Independent Media Association; Paima is the name of places in Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Malawi)

Word derivation for "table" :
Basque = mahai, Finnish = pöytä
Miresua = paimä

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for table is now pöhai.