10 February 2007

no is eiz

eizeiz = no (adverb) (refusal or denial or disagreement) (some things Google found for "eiz": a common term; EIZ stands for Engineering Institution of Zambia; EIZ stands for Europäisches Informations-Zentrum (European information center) of Germany; EIZ is Expertisecentrum Informele Zorg (Service Centre informal care) of the Netherlands; EIZ stands for Europa Institut an der Universität Zürich of Switzerland; Eiz Gallery in New Hampshire; user name; EIZ stands for Ekonomski institut Zagreb of Croatia; EIZ is Environmental Improvement Zones in Canada; German hip-hop artist Eizi Eiz; EIZ is Energy Innovation Zone in the UK; Eiz Consultants, corporate and business image, of Canada; a last name from Egypt; an area in Germany)

Word derivation for "no" :
Basque = ez, Finnish = ei
Miresua = eiz

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