30 December 2011

book is lirju (revisited)

lirjulirju = book (noun) (some things Google found for "lirju": a rare term; user names; similarly named Liru is a sexy blonde female werewolf in anime Magipoka)

Word derivation for "book" :
Basque = liburu, Finnish = kirja
Miresua = lirju

My previous word for book was bikura. An OK word, but I think I was forcing it to look like the English word book. My new word starts and ends like the Basque word, and uses the letter J, which is uncommon, from the Finnish word. By the way, in Miresua (like Finnish) J is pronounced like Y.

26 December 2011

calm is byne

bynebyne = calm (adjective) (some things Google found for "byne": a common term: a last name; Byne Memorial Baptist Church and Byne Memorial Baptist Home (a private school) in Albany, Georgia; Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne (English title: The Adventures Of Goopy And Bagha) is a Bengali children's film; Byne's disease, or more accurately Bynesian decay, is a damaging condition which attacks mollusk shells that are in storage or on display for long periods of time; The Byne Group of New York for advertising and marketing; Byne Crossroads is a place in southern Georgia)

Word derivation for "calm" :
Basque = bare or baretsu, Finnish = tyyni
Miresua = byne

The Basque word bare also means slug and spleen. There's another word in Basque for calm, lasai, but that word has more the meaning of relaxed and easy-going.

22 December 2011

peace is rahke

rahkerahke = peace (noun) (some things Google found for "rahke": an uncommon term: an unusual last name; Rahke Road in Indianapolis; user names; Tumse Door Rahke (or Rehke) is a Hindi song title; similar Rahkee is the name of a town in Finland)

Word derivation for "peace" :
Basque = bake, Finnish = rauha
Miresua = rahke

This is the noun peace, as opposed to the adjective peaceful.

20 December 2011

silent is äsilön

äsilönäsilön = silent (adjective) (some things Google found for "asilon": an uncommon term: user names; a place in the game Planet Dark Ages; name of several gaming characters; a rare last name; "Phantom Neged Shoddey Asilon" or "The Super Jet Pirates" is the romanized title of a story in 1960s Hebrew comic Bucky; probable misspelling of feminine first name Alison; similar word asilo means "shelter, refuge, asylum" in Spanish)

Word derivation for "silent" :
Basque = isil (silent, quiet),
Finnish = äänetön (silent, soundless) (sound (ääni) + less (-tön))
Miresua = äsilön

I think this is the first word in Miresua containing both the letters with umlauts. Definite Finnish influence.

Quiet and silent are similar English words. Silent means the absence of noise, not speaking, whereas quiet means relatively still, not making any noise, or there is a little noise but it was small and not bothersome.

18 December 2011

quiet is hilis

hilishilis = quiet (adjective) (some things Google found for "hilis": an uncommon term: an unusual last name; user names; Hilis Boutique in Tucson; a couple of plural forms of the Latin noun hilum which means trifle; name of a village in Azerbaijan)

Word derivation for "hilis" :
Basque = isil (silent, quiet), Finnish = hiljainen (quiet, silent)
Miresua = hilis

By the way, I'm aware that in Basque the similar word hil means to die, death. But that doesn't make this Miresua word deathly quiet.

Next up will be a word for silent. In Finnish there's another word which means silent or soundless.

14 December 2011

wreath is girpele

girpelegirpele = wreath (noun) (some things Google found for "girpele": a very rare term; a nearly unique term that appears one of literally thousands of cipher variations of pelegri)

Word derivation for "girpele" :
Basque = girlanda (garland, wreath), Finnish = seppele
Miresua = girpele

This is another Christmas holiday inspired word.

Also the Basque word koroa, which means crown, can mean wreath.

10 December 2011

reindeer is peirun

peirunpeirun = reindeer (noun) (some things Google found for "peirun": an uncommon to rare term; a rare last name; a rare first name; name of a World of Warcraft character; part of the name of several Chinese companies; Peirun (a.k.a. Peyrun) is a place in south-western of France)

Word derivation for "reindeer" :
Basque = elur-orein (snow + deer), Finnish = peura
Miresua = peirun

Reindeer are herded and raised by several northern peoples including the Sami. Finnish has another word, poro, for a semi-domesticated reindeer.

06 December 2011

deer is orevi

oreviorevi = deer (noun) (some things Google found for "orevi": an uncommon term; an unusual last name that apparently can be Swedish and can be Israeli; means walnuts in Macedonian)

Word derivation for "deer" :
Basque = orein, Finnish = hirvi
Miresua = orevi

I'm going to use this a generic Miresua word for deer. The Finnish word, hirvi, can mean deer but also means moose and elk. The term for a red deer is saksanhirvi (literally German + moose/elk). A Finnish scientific term for all animals in the family Cervidae (deer) is hirvieläin.

In Europe they have the roe deer and red deer. Here in America we have the white-tailed deer. Next up, the word for another species of deer you'd likely find in northern Finland.

02 December 2011

roof is talto

taltotalto = roof (noun) (some things Google found for "talto": an uncommon term; an unusual last name; O Poraner Talto Bhai is a Bangla song title (what it translates to, I don't know); in Hungarian tradition similar Táltos is a human being similar to a shaman; Taltos is the title of books by Steven Brust and Anne Rice; Talto-Kurgan (a.k.a. Taldykorgan) is a city in Kazakhstan; Talto is the name of places in South Korea and Guinea-Bissau)

Word derivation for "roof" :
Basque = teilatu, Finnish = katto
Miresua = talto

In Basque teila means roof tile, shingle. Teilatu also means tile roof.

I like that in Spanish similar word alto means high.