10 April 2009

sapphire is sovari (revisited)

sovarisovari = sapphire (noun) (gemstone) (some things Google found for "sovari": an uncommon term; a last name which can be Hungarian also spelled Sóvári; user names; Viridiana Sovari is a female character in The Night Angel trilogy; name of cities in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia)

Word derivation for "sapphire" :
Basque = zafiro, Finnish = safiiri
Miresua = sovari

My previous Miresua word for "sapphire" was "sovira". This is a small change to make this word less like the Miresua word for "pretty" which is "sovil", and to end in "i" like my words for diamond and ruby.

Both the Basque word and the Finnish word contain a "f". It's likely that "sapphire" is a borrowed word in both languages. I modified the "f" to a "v" for Miresua.

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