10 September 2009

blackbird is zostar

zostarzostar = blackbird (bird) (noun) (some things Google found for "zostar": an uncommon term; user names; name of several gaming characters; a misspelling of zoster, as in varicella zoster virus (VZV), which is the cause of chicken pox in children and shingles in adults)

Word derivation for "blackbird" :
Basque = zozo, Finnish = mustarastas (literally: black thrush)
Miresua = zostar

Like the English word blackbird, the Finnish word is also a compound word containing the word for black. The Basque word is short, and isn't close to the word Basque word for black, but it interestingly can also translate as stupid or foolish.


nomppie said...

Hi, it looks interesting.
Do you have any heritage from Finnish or Basque?
I made a flag of Miresua in my blog.

Mariska said...

I can't claim any Basque or Finnish ancestry - I merely think the languages are interesting. My ancestors came to the USA primarily from Hungary and Sweden.

Nice Miresua flag! Although I was thinking it needs more white, since that's the common color.