22 June 2012

how many is zenkota

zenkota = how many (adverb, interrogative) (some things Google found for "zenkota": a rare term; user names; Zen Kota can refer to Maruti Zen hatchback compact SUV cars for sale in the city of Kota in India; similar Zen Kot is a health cafe in Brussels (Bruxelles), Belgium)

Word derivation for "how many" :
Basque = zenbat, Finnish = kuinka monta (or montako)
Miresua = zenkota

There are countable and uncountable nouns in both Finnish and Basque. In English, how many is used with countable nouns, while how much is used with uncountable nouns. Finnish has different terms for how many and how much, but Basque uses the same word. That figures. For Miresua, guess I'll make another word for how much.

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