18 January 2013

hot is beku (revisited)

beku = hot (adjective) (some things Google found for "beku": a very common term; a rare last name; a very rare first name; user names; BEKU OIL GmbH of Germany sells industrial lubricants and cutting oils; means "frozen, congealed" in Indonesian; in Indonesian "batuan beku" means igneous (literally "rock congealed"); means want in Kannada (transliterated) which is a language of India; names of places in Indonesia, Ghana, Iran and Tanzania)

Word derivation for "hot" :
Basque = bero, Finnish = kuuma
Miresua = beku

I'm redoing the word for hot, as well. In the previous post, I redid cold. I laughed when I found out that beku means frozen in Indonesian. My former Miresua conlang word for hot was koru. I've tried other words for hot too. Hopefully this word will work out, and stick.

By the way, the word hot is in paragraph two of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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