26 September 2007

old is harna (redone)

harnaharna = old (adjective) (some things Google found for "harna": an uncommon term; a last name which can be Czech; user names; means "hurt, wounded" in Quenya; means "beautiful, nice" in Ukrainian (Latin Script); places in Sweden, India, and Niger)

Word derivation for "old":
Basque = zahar, Finnish = vanha
Miresua = harna

My previous word for "old" was "rahan", which is not allowed given my current word construction rules. Because Basque doesn't start any words with the letter "R", I'm restricting when I can begin Miresua words with "R". At a minimum, the "R" must come from the Finnish source word. In this case, the "R" was from the Basque source word, so I decided to redo the word.

After I redid this word, I realized that my new word for old, "harna", was similar to the Finnish word for the color gray, "harmaa". A nice coincidence.

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