22 September 2007

violet is orile (redone)

orile = violet (or purple) (color) (adjective) (some things Google found for "orile": an uncommon term; a place and part of multiple place names in Nigeria; Wasimi Orile Project to help a poor small village in Nigeria; a user name; a last name; "orile" seems to means something like origin or nation in Yoruba; a place in Micronesia)

Word derivation for "violet" or "purple":
Basque = more (or ubel), Finnish = violetti
Miresua = orile

My previous word for violet was minren. If you're thinking I couldn't create that word from my source words, you're correct. Earlier I used "sinipunainen" for the Finnish source word, which translates as "blue-red". Finnish has recently adopted the obviously borrowed word violetti for this color. But this change is mainly due to my dissatisfaction with minren for my Miresua word.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for violet is now voreti.

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