06 December 2008

bad is txon

txontxon = bad (adjective) (some things Google found for "txon": an uncommon term; Txon Real Estate of Dallas, Texas; user names; a feminine first name; Txon International Co. Ltd. is a UK appliance and TV store)

Word derivation for "bad" (bad, poor, rotten, awful):
Basque = txar, Finnish = huono
Miresua = txon

This Miresua conlang word admittedly looks more Basque than Finnish. When constructing this, my word for "bad", I used the unusual "tx" consonant combination from Basque. In Miresua, as in Basque, "tx" is pronounced like "ch".

My word definition should not be seen as a comment about people and things called "txon". I have nothing against anyone or anything named "txon". This is merely a word in my made-up, conlang language.

1 comment:

Txon said...

Agur !

"Txon" is Basque, indeed. At least, I am Basque. However, I speak Spanish and French.
I write articles about computer security in these languages. Many on Infomars (http://infomars.fr/forum/), some on the Spanish Wikipedia.
I am perhaps not quite "bad". Lol.