26 December 2008

wall is murari

murari = wall (noun) (some things Google found for "murari": an uncommon term; a first or last name that can be from India; title of a 2001 Telugu movie from India; user names; a 9th century Sanskrit poet and author; Villa Murari winery in Veneto region of Italy)

Word derivation for "wall": (stone wall, strong wall)
Basque = harresi, Finnish = muuri
Miresua = murari

This is the word for a stone wall or a defensive wall, such as The Great Wall of China. This isn't the word for a wall inside a building. That will be my next word.

The Basque word (harresi) appears to be a combination of the Basque words for stone and fence. The Finnish word (muuri) is derived from Latin word for wall, which is murus.

I couldn't make this word contain the Miresua word for stone (kari) because there is no "k" available in either the Basque or Finnish words. So this word resembles Latin, and also resembles my Miresua word for earth, which is mura.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for wall (defensive) is now muresi.

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