02 December 2008

good is ynä

ynäynä = good (adjective) (some things Google found for "yna": a common term; user names; Yna is a feminine first name (a variation of Ina); YNA is an acronym for Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh a house of Torah study at the Western Wall; YNA stands for Young Naturalist Awards; YNA is the airport code for Natashquan Airport in Quebec; YNA is an acroynm for Young Numismatists of America; YNA stands for York Neurosurgical Associates; Yna is a last name that can be Hispanic; "yna" means "urgent" in Turkmen; "yna" means "there" in Welsh; similar word "ynnä" means "plus" in Finnish)

Word derivation for "good":
Basque = on, Finnish = hyvä
Miresua = ynä

Good is a common word that I was surprised I hadn't defined yet. My Miresua conlang word admittedly looks more Finnish than Basque. Its spelling - with that "y" and "ä" - would confound Basques. But its pronunciation, due to one of my conlang rules, would confound Finns. In Miresua I pronounce "y" as "i" in sit. The Finnish "y" sound I shifted to the Miresua vowel "ü".

By the way, "ä" is pronounced as in Finnish, like "a" in cat.

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