30 July 2009

fire is suli (revisited)

suli = fire (noun) (Some things Google found for "suli": SULI is an acronym for Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships; a uncommon first name that can be feminine or masculine; a last name; Abu Bakr bin Yahya al-Suli was a 10th century Arab poet and legendary shatranj (an ancestor of chess) player; Jiangyin Suli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. of China; means "crook, grifter, cheater, shark" in Estonian; a conjugation of the Finnish verb sulaa which means to melt or to thaw; a slang term for "school" in Hungarian; name of cities in the Philippines, Albania, Nigeria, Mozambique, Indonesia, Serbia & Montenegro and Iraq; name of a town in Russia)

Word derivation for "fire" :
Basque = su, Finnish = tuli
Miresua = suli

My previous Miresua word for "fire" was "sul". I decided to modify this word slightly because both the Basque and Finnish words ended in a vowel.

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