30 November 2009

wool is avile (revisited)

avileavile = wool (noun) (some things Google found for "avile": an uncommon term; a last name; an unusual first name; archaic Etruscan funeral stele of Avile Tite; in obsolete English "avile" means "to abase or debase; to vilify; to depreciate")

Word derivation for "wool":
Basque = artile, Finnish = villa
Miresua = avile

My previous word for "wool" was "lirla". I redid this word.


Brian Barker said...

I think the choice of a future global language must be between English and Esperanto, rather than an untried project.

It's unfortunate however that only a few people know that Esperanto has become a living language.

After a short period of 122 years Esperanto is now in the top 100 languages, out of 6,800 worldwide, according to the World CIA factbook. It is the 22nd most used language in Wikipedia, and is a language choice of Google, Skype, Firefox and Facebook.

Native Esperanto speakers,(people who have used the language from birth), include George Soros, World Chess Champion Susan Polger, Ulrich Brandenberg the new German Ambassador to NATO and Nobel Laureate Daniel Bovet.

Your readers may be interested in seeing http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHALnLV9XU . Professor Piron was a translator with the United Nations in Geneva.

A glimpse of this planned language can be seen at http://www.lernu.net

Mariska said...

Hmmmm. A promo from the Esperanto lobby. My posting of the above comment shouldn't imply that I'm necessarily a supporter of Esperanto. I'm a conlanger. Consider it an FYI.

Mariska said...

Miresua, which is a mixture of two of the most unusual languages in Europe, is likely not a good candidate for a future global language...