26 August 2011

light is vigo

vigo = light (noun) (some things Google found for "vigo": a very very common term; a last name that can be Italian; an uncommon first name which is also spelled Viggo; a city in the Galicia region of Spain; The Battle of Vigo Bay in 1702; Vigo (1998) is a movie drama based on the life of French filmaker Jean Vigo; name of a county in Indiana; name of cities and towns in Italy, Philippines, UK, and the USA)

Word derivation for "light" (noun) :
Basque = argi, Finnish = valo
Miresua = vigo

This is the Miresua noun light; that which makes it possible to see, opposed to darkness. I didn't use the common letter A, but given my suffix of -a for the definite article, "the light" will become vigoa.

My word uses the V from the Finnish word (Basque doesn't use V), and the G from the Basque word (G is only in borrowed words in Finnish).

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for light is now varo.

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