30 August 2011

light (pale) is vigla

vigla = light (pale) (adjective) (some things Google found for "vigla": an uncommon term; a unusual last name; ViGLA is an acronym for Victorian Government Libraries Association of Australia; Soome is an Estonian song by Ivar Vigla; means "lookout, guard, watch" in Greek; The Vigla were elite guards in the Byzantine army; name of places in Greece; Mikri Vigla is a village on the Greek island of Naxos)

Word derivation for "light" (adjective) :
Basque = argi, Finnish = vaalea
Miresua = vigla

I don't know about having the letters G and L together, but I like that vigla resembles vigilant. In Basque there are words words with LG consonant combinations. Guess I could say they the G and L are in different syllables?

The word for white in Finnish is valkoinen, which is similar to the Finnish words for light. In Miresua, my word for white is zulki, which starts like the Basque word, zuri. To be fair to Finnish, I want the Miresua words for light to start with V.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for light (of color) is now varga

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