26 September 2011

carbon, coal is kaili

kailikaili = carbon, coal (noun) (some things Google found for "kaili": a common term; a last name that can be Hawaiian, notably Greek member of Parliament and former television news presenter Eva Kaili; a feminine first name that can be a variant of Kaylee, notably American actress Kaili Thorne; song title by alternative music artist Caribou; the Kaili Formation Cambrian fossil beds of southwest China; Kaili language group of Sulawesi, Indonesia; name of cities in China, Indonesia, India and Senegal)

Word derivation for "carbon, coal":
Basque = karbono (carbon) and ikatz (coal; charcoal)
Finnish = hiili (carbon; coal)
Miresua = kaili

This Miresua conlang word notably uses two Basque source words.

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