04 September 2011

human is ihaki

ihakiihaki = human (noun) (some things Google found for "ihaki": an uncommon to rare term; user names; a rare last name; similar Greek name Itháki for Ithaca which is an island in the Ionian Sea which was home of Homer's Odysseus; Ihaki church in Lahore; similar Iñaki (Inaki) is a Basque masculine first name which is a form of Ignatius)

Word derivation for "human" :
Basque = gizaki, Finnish = ihminen
Miresua = ihaki

I usually post words every four days, unless I have revisions, so this is an bonus word. This is the word for a human being. Human, the noun, not the adjective. Inspired by a constructed languages translation request for "We Are Human and We Are From Earth", a phrase I unfortunately can't translate into Miresua at this time.

This word deliberately starts like the Finnish word to avoid looking like the Miresua word for man, gines, and the Basque word for man, gizon. By the way, the word for man in Finnish is mies.

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