18 September 2011

cry, shout is huiha

huiha = cry, shout (noun, verb) (some things Google found for "huiha": an uncommon to rare term; an unusual last name; name of a photographed white wolf; user names; HuiHa Century Trade Limited Company of Beijing; similar Huihao (or Hui-hao) is the name of a place in Taiwan; similar Huia is a large black extinct bird of New Zealand)

Word derivation for "cry, shout":
Basque = oihu, Finnish = huuto(noun),huutaa(verb)
Miresua = huiha

There's an H in the Finnish word and an H in the Basque word; I used them both. Usually I don't do that, but it's allowed. I decided to end this word with an A, like the Finnish verb.

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