06 September 2011

cry, weep is netka

netkanetka = cry, weep (noun, verb) (some things Google found for "netka": an uncommon term; an unusual last name; Netka is a unusual feminine first name that can be Russian; NETka.de is a German website search engine; stickin'netka is a fabric craft items Etsy shop; user names; Kef Netka is a place in Algeria; Netka Building and Apartments in Mound, Minnesota; Netka system Co. Ltd of Thailand sells IT management software)

Word derivation for "cry, weep" :
Basque = negar, Finnish = itku(noun),itkeä(verb)
Miresua = netka

The Finnish word, itkeä, is the verb to cry, weep. The Finnish noun for cry, weep is itku, which is similar. The Basque word, negar, is the noun to cry, and when used with the auxillary verb egin (to do, to make) becomes the verb. In Miresua, like Basque, this word is the noun and will be used to make the verb.

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