14 September 2011

dance is tansa (revisited)

tansatansa = dance (noun, verb) (some things Google found for "tansa": an uncommon to common term; name of a river and dam near Mumbai, India; Tansa House at IIT Bombay; Tansa Systems AS offers text proofing tools; an unusual last name; an rare feminine first name; TANSA is an acronym for "There Ain't No Such Animal"; name of a cities in Romania, South Korea, India, and Philippines)

Word derivation for "dance":
Basque = dantza, Finnish = tanssi(noun),tanssia(verb)
Miresua = tasna

My previous word for dance, the noun, was tasna. I swapped around the N and S. Although I liked the word tasna, it doesn't keep the letters A and N together, as in both the Basque and the Finnish source words.

Perhaps I should have made this word dansa instead, since Basque uses D and Finnish doesn't. But that seemed too obvious a word for dance. Dansa means to dance in Faroese, Icelandic, and Swedish. But, in my defense, T is actually a common letter between the Basque and the Finnish words.

This Miresua conlang word is the noun, dance, and will be used to create the verb, to dance.

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