22 September 2011

firewood is puget

pugetpuget = firewood (noun) (some things Google found for "puget": a very very common term; Puget Sound is an inlet of the North Pacific in northwestern Washington State and its general region - an overwhelming result; University of Puget Sound in Tacoma; a last name; 17th century French painter and sculptor Pierre Paul Puget; alternative rock guitarist Jade Puget; Peter Puget was an officer in the British Royal Navy best known for his exploration of Puget Sound; Puget, Puget-Ville, Puget-Theniers and Puget-sur-Argens are places in France)

Word derivation for "firewood":
Basque = egur,
Finnish = polttopuut (poltto = burning + puut = wood)
Miresua = puget

Unlike the Finnish word, this is not a compound word. But like the Finnish word it has the plural form with the suffix of -t, implying more than one piece of firewood.

By the way, the Miresua conlang word for wood is pur (from the Basque word zur and the Finnish word puu).

Note that the Miresua pronunciation of puget is not like in Puget Sound. In Mireusa u is pronounced similar to the oo in food.

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