10 September 2011

question is kylda

kyldakylda = question (noun, verb) (some things Google found for "kylda": an uncommon term; Kylda Trading Co., Ltd. of China offers closeout and overstock shoes and clothes; a rare last name; user names; means chilled in Swedish; similarly named St Kilda is an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia)

Word derivation for "question, ask" :
Basque = galde/galdera, Finnish = kysymys(noun),kysyä(verb)
Miresua = kylda

This Miresua conlang word is the noun, question, and will be used to create the verb, to question. In Basque, it's another verb that is formed with the auxillary verb egin (to do, to make). You could also translate this verb as to ask, but not to ask for, request, which apparently is different verb in both Basque and Finnish.

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