14 May 2012

plum is arlu

arlu = plum (noun) (some things Google found for "arlu": a uncommon term; an unusual first name that can be masculine and can be Filipino; Arlu (or Arlù) is a restaurant in Rome; Arlu Designs sells jewelry on Etsy; Hidráulica Arlu S.L. (Arlu Hydraulics, Ltd.) of Basque Country in Spain; Chez Arlu Dance Hall in Quebec near Ottawa; Arlu's Cleaners in Scottsdale, Arizona; name of a mythological goddess in fantasy world Glorantha; a rare last name)

Word derivation for "plum" :
Basque = aran, Finnish = luumu
Miresua = arlu

There's three Us in the Finnish word, and two As in the Basque word.

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