30 March 2006

wolf is isot

isot = wolf (animal) (noun) (some things Google found for "isot": a common term; ISOT is Internet Services Of Texas; ISOT is International Stationary & Office Products Fair Tokyo; ISOT is International Students Of Tampere, an university student organization in Finland; SHWI-ISOT is a online alternate histories role playing game; Information Security & Object Technology (ISOT) Research Group of Canada; ISOT is International Society of Ocular Toxicology of Germany; ISOT is International Society of Therapists in the UK; ISOT Professional Tours, Ltd. of Atlanta, GA; ISOT is International Society of Ocular Trauma; ISOT is International Commission on Olfaction and Taste; ISOT is Integrated Satellite Operations Trainer to military; Isot is a Turkish spice)

Word derivation for "wolf" :
Basque = otso, Finnish = susi
Miresua = isot

This Miresua word has been changed. The word for wolf is now suto.

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