13 July 2006

stone is kairi

kairi = stone (noun) (some things Google found for "kairi": a common term; teen female heroine character in RPG videogame Kingdom Hearts with short reddish hair; Kairi FM radio of the Island of Dominica; Kairi Consultants LTD of Trinidad and Tobago; Kairi-Bai Kennel of Norway; a native name for the island of Trinidad; a place in Queensland Australia near Cairns; Doto ichiman kairi (1966) is a Japanese action adventure movie (literal English title - 10,000 Miles of Stormy Seas); a Japanese unit of distance and length equal to 1,852 kilometers or 1,151 miles; user names; a feminine first name that's likely Estonian; places in Nigeria, Kenya, India, and Chad)

Word derivation for "stone" :
Basque = harri, Finnish = kivi
Miresua = kairi

This Miresua word has been changed. The word for stone is now havi.

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