08 November 2006

milk is omse

omse = milk (noun) (some things Google found for "omse": an uncommon term; OMSE stands for Oregon Master of Software Engineering; OMSE stands for Office of Multi-ethnic Student Education at University of Maryland; OMSE stands for Open Message Switching Engine, to connect to airline industry legacy computer systems; OMSE is an Italian compnay in emergency and fire systems; OMSE is Oliver Mueller Software Engineering GmbH of Germany; OMSE stands for Olympus Medical Systems Europa GmbH; O.M.S.E. is Federation of Greek Beekeepers' Associations; "omše" means something in Slovak; OMSE Office of Management Systems and Evaluation of EPA)

Word derivation for "milk" :
Basque = esne, Finnish = maito
Miresua = omse

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for milk is now mone.

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