20 March 2007

fat is galiza (retracted - source word error)

galiza = fat (adjective) (some things Google found for "galiza": a very common term; means "Galicia" in Portuguese, Galicia is a region in Spain in the northwest of Iberian Peninsula - an overwhelming result; a last name; name of a place in Portugal)

Word derivation for "fat" :
Basque = gantz, Finnish = lihava
Miresua = galiza

My Basque source word was wrong here. Gantz is a Basque noun, not an adjective, for fat.


J G said...

I think you are a bit wrong.
Gantz is fat in Basque, but a noum, not an adjetive.
Fat (adjetive) is "lodi" in Basque.
So, to create a word meaning fat (adjetive) in Mireusa, I think you should use "lodi" in Basque.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the correction. I try to double check the words. As I don't speak either Basque or Finnish there may be other words I don't have quite right. But I can always redo my Miresua words....Guess it's back to the drawing board (or letter mixing) for "fat".